The Renaissance

They once called it “Hell with the lid off.” Now they flock from miles around just to admire downtown Pittsburgh from the overlooks along the Mount. So extraordinary was the transformation that resulted from Renaissance I and Renaissance II that this once grim, smoky city emerged to become one of “America’s most livable cities.” The nighttime view of downtown Pittsburgh from Mount Washington was recently rated second of “The 10 Most Beautiful Places in America” in USA WEEKEND’s 2003 Annual Travel Report.

Pittsburgh has evolved into a hub for corporate headquarters, entrepreneurs, high-technology research and development centers and internationally-acclaimed medical centers and universities. The cultural offerings are unprecedented for a city of its size, and include a world–class symphony, live theater, and museums of art, science, and history. All three of Pittsburgh’s professional sports franchises have won national championships, solidifying Pittsburgh’s legacy as the “City of Champions.”

Once again, Pittsburgh is on the cusp of a major revitalization. Commencing with the development of Piatt Place, Downtown Pittsburgh will realize an infusion of extraordinary residences, Class-A+ office space, retail, dining, recreation and entertainment centers. Numerous developments are in the planning stage, and groundbreakings will continue over the next several years.

A bold, visionary spirit will illuminate our path as we enter this rebirth, and the resilience of Pittsburgh’s character will ensure its continued success. At Piatt Place, the renaissance begins.