The Neighborhood

Some people just like to be in the middle of it all. If you’re one of them, you know it.  It’s not enough to simply monitor the pulse of the city.  You need to be a part of the heartbeat. When downtown is your neighborhood, the world is at your feet.Piatt Place is ideally situated on Fifth Avenue in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. Department stores, boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and nightlife surround you. Broadway theater productions, a world-class symphony, galleries and museums are a few blocks away in a cultural district that is unprecedented for a city of such manageable scope. PNC Park, Heinz Field and Mellon Arena are within eyeshot of your terrace. And access to Pittsburgh International airport is a mere 15-minute drive via shuttle, taxi, limousine or car.

Restaurants & Grocery

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Downtown living is the rediscovery of a healthy lifestyle that is still enjoyed by many Europeans, but has gradually faded from our culture: a self-sustaining neighborhood where people gather in a plaza for a cup of coffee and conversation with friends. A nearby market that offers freshly-baked bread, produce and other daily needs. And walking; the healthiest mode of transportation, and one that has been supplanted by driving to access virtually anything outside of the house in the typical suburban neighborhood.  Though the notion has become a cliche, the truth remains; you only live once.  Life at Piatt Place is a life lived to the fullest.